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As the old adage goes: You can judge a man by his shoes. We believe it is quite true. Shoes are a great way to understand if someone pays attention to the little things. If you throw on a nice formal suit and then pair it with cheap, tattered boat shoes, you aren’t what someone would call a well-dressed man.

With hundreds of different styles of shoes out there for you to choose from, from sleek Clarks dress shoes to chunky sneakers, it doesn’t mean you need to buy them all. With a few classic pairs in your wardrobe, you can easily nail the outfit for every occasion, whether it be a business meeting, wedding or a date. Investing in a handful of beautifully crafted, premium-quality shoes that are comfortable and stylish, can provide years of wear. But it is important that you pick the right pairs. At Shoe Sale Shop.com, we offer a selection of the finest lace-up shoes in an assortment of stunning colors and styles.

Find Dress Shoes for Every Occasion

If you’re looking for a pair to wear to work event or a friend’s wedding, we offer a variety of men’s dress shoes, including men’s Clarks shoes, to make you look sharp. Browse through our selection to choose from some of the best brands like Clarks dress shoes, Stacy Adams, Rockport, Kenneth Cole, Nunn Bush, Vionic, Fluchos, Paul Karaz, Skechers and so much more.

For formal events, Clarks shoes like the Allston Edge in tan nubuck is a great choice. If you need something a little more casual, we also have Skechers and Clarks casual shoes for men. Our offerings include pairs in black, brown, gray, olive and more shades of the classic hues. They pair easily with business wear or your favorite jeans. These shoes are a must-have for men whose style straddle’s that fine line between formal and casual, allowing you to dress for the occasion and score major style points in the process.

Check out our extensive selection of shoes for men and take your footwear game to the next level. Shop now.